Invitatie in tara Muntilor de Gheata

Tabere cu Suflet 0070Himalaya – Tara Muntilor de Gheata – atrage anual, ca un magnet, cei mai buni alpinisti ai lumii, dar si o multime de turisti dornici de aventura. Caci cei mai inalti munti ai planetei sunt accesibili acum tuturor celor care iubesc muntele.
Iata o oferta primita de la partenerii nostri de la Summit Climb. Oferta acopera zone foarte diversa: de la escaladarea Everestului, pana
ture usoare de trekking sau expeditii caritabile. Va asteptam in Varful Lumii!

The famous Hillary Step just below the summit on the Nepal side of Everest. Sangay Sherpa Photo Climbers learn to cross a ladder bridge in the Western Cwm while others hold the ropes. Photo S. Falconer
EVEREST NEPAL SUMMIT: Easier, warmer, less windy than Tibet side. 9 time leader Dan Mazur.  April-June or Sept-Oct. 60 days. 100% of our team summited. !! Begins on 7 April. Flexible Option: arrive anytime in April- May. Full Service: $36,450, £23,950, € 31,450 ; Basic Climb: $14,950, £9850, €12,950. EXPERT SHERPAS, FREE OXYGEN, FREE HOTELS, FREE INTERNAL FLIGHTS.EVEREST TRAINING CAMP 3: Good altitude test. Patient instructor: Everest leader Dan Mazur. April or May. 31 days (or 16 day option). Trek to base, learn glacier rope ice skills. Acclimatize cautiously. Climb Khumbu icefall, Western Cwm. Carefully ascend to camp 3 – 7300m / 23,000ft . Two climbs, one on 7 April another on 21 April. Or Flexible Dates: arrive anytime in April-May. Full Service: $8,650, £5,650, €7,450. 16 day option : $6350, £4150, €5,450. If you feel well, join  INCLUDES EXPERT SHERPAS, FREE HOTELS, FREE INTERNAL FLIGHTS.

Everest Tibet Summit: Coming down from the summit. Photo Franck Pitula Training climb camp in foreground. Background-shows route to the summit. Photo Dan Mazur
EVEREST TIBET SUMMIT: Less expensive, more remote, less crowded than Nepal. April-May. 60 days. 100% of our team summited in 2014. 4 time leader David Obrien: experienced, friendly, well organised. Tibet side of Everest: cheaper, colder, windier than Nepal. Begins on 7 April, or Flexible Option: arrive anytime in April-May. Full Service: $28,450, £18,750, €24,550; Basic: $9950, £6550, €8,550. EXPERT SHERPAS, FREE OXYGEN, FREE HOTELS.

EVEREST TRAINING NORTH-COL: World’s easiest 7000m/ 23,000ft peak. On Everest’s shoulder. Learn to climb Everest in 28 days. April – May. See how you like altitude in a short time. Leader David Obrien: experienced, friendly, good teacher. If all goes well, join Everest or Cho Oyu. 2 climbs, one on 7 April and other on 21 April. Flexible Option: arrive anytime in April-May. Full Service: $7,950, £4,950, €6,850.  INCLUDES EXPERT SHERPAS AND FREE HOTELS.

Heading up to the high camps of Cho Oyu (Vicen Jolis). ShishaPangma -Climbing near the Gendarmes on our summit. Photo Dan Mazur
MOUNT CHO OYU : Easy 8,000m, 26,000ft peak. Best preparation for Everest.   April-May, and September – October. 38 days. 6th highest in world. Located near Everest on Tibet Plateau. 7 time leaders Dan Mazur and Angel Armesto: very experienced, friendly, teach you everything you need to know. We summited safely in 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014. Choose fixed dates or Flexible Option: arrive anytime in April-May or September-October. Full Service: $12,850, £8450, €11,150; Basic: $6650, £4350, €5750. INCLUDES EXPERT SHERPAS AND FREE HOTELS.SHISHAPANGMA: “Off beaten track” 26,000 ft / 8,000m in Tibet – perfect Everest preparation.  38 days April-May or September-October or 15 days in October (Cho Oyu – Shishapangma “double-header”). Very climbable. Lowest of the fourteen  26,000ft / 8000 m peaks. Flexible Option: arrive anytime in April-May or September-October. Full Service: $12,850, £8450, €11,150; Basic: $6650, £4350, €5750. 20% discount for Cho-Shish “double-header”. HELPFUL EXPERT SHERPAS , FREE HOTELS.

Members wave below Lhotse. Photo D Mazur Broad Peak: Ascending to camp 3. Photo Felix Berg.
MOUNT LHOTSE: High Nepal summit, cheap, same route as Everest. April-May, 60 days. World’s 4th highest peak. Climb Everest to camp 3; branch off; ascend Lhotse. You: climb 50 degree snow/ice. Leader Dan Mazur: 9 time Everest, 4 time Lhotse summit. 100% of our team summited !! Full Service: $14,850, £9,750, €12,850; Basic: $4,950, £3250, €4250. EXPERT SHERPAS, FREE OXYGEN, FREE HOTELS, FREE INTERNAL FLIGHTS. Fixed dates or Flexible Option: arrive anytime in April-May.BROAD PEAKCheap 8,000m / 26,000ft peak in Wild Pakistan.  World’s 12th highest and easy 8000 metre peak. See how you feel at high elevation. Get to know some of our world’s most astonishing landscapes. Qualifies you for Everest from Tibet, Everest from Nepal or Lhotse. Experienced SummitClimb leader Felix Berg. Explore the Baltoro Glacier during 5-day trek to basecamp. We need to know by 15 May if you will be joining. 21.June – 2 August 2015. 50 days in Pakistan. Full Service Cost: $11,500,  £7590, €9950; Basic Climb Cost: $6420, £4100, €5550.

Henry on Ama Dablam’s Yellow Tower: the ‘crux’:
short 10 metre 33 foot pitch. Photo Kunnar
Team on the true summit of Baruntse. That’s Everest and Lhotse behind. Photo Dan Mazur
AMA DABLAM: Wolrd famous rock, snow, ice peak. Matterhorn of Himalaya. Climbable easy granite. Full Servicet: $5550, £3450, €4750 ; Basic: $2450, £1550, €2150; 10 October to 7 November (29 days). Extended dates: 1-29 November. Flexible option: join anytime from 10 October – 1 December. Solid rock “scrambling” with fixed ropes. For novices to experts. Only 1 “demanding” pitch of European (French) 4, Australian 12, British Severe, North American 5.5. Test yourself to 7000m / 23,000ft. nearby Everest. Led by Dan Mazur and Dani Fuller, 9 Succesful Ama expeditions, friendly teachers. Rope training on warm base camp cliffs. We summited 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014. EXPERT SHERPAS, FREE HOTELS, FREE INTERNAL FLIGHTS. Good prep for Everest.BARUNTSE: 3 remote peaks in one . Nepal’s “easiest” 23,000ft (7,000m) peak. Novices and experts.  34 days October-November. Grand Circle of Everest Himalaya, stunning views. Secluded trek, jungle passes, climb famous Mera ‘trekking-peak’ and mighty Baruntse, cross high ‘Amphu-Labtsa’ pass, pop out on comfortable Everest basecamp trek.  5 time leaders Dan Mazur and Dani Fuller, teach everything you need to know. Full Service: $8950, £5450, €7750. Dates 12 October to 14 November. 34 days. New option: climb “Baruntse Only” 1-29 November (29 days). Full Service: $6950, £4500, €6050. INCLUDES EXPERT SHERPAS, FREE HOTELS, FREE INTERNAL FLIGHTS. Qualifies you for Everest.  Our teams reached the summit in 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014

Everest Glacier School
Heather models the safety equipment on her harness (Photo Heather Jennings).
Island Peak Climb
Our team ascending the summit ridge on Island Peak Photo Emil Friis.
EVEREST GLACIER SCHOOL: Learn to climb a 6000m / 19,500ft snow peak. Everest summit views.  AWARDED NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC’S “25 BEST NEW TRIPS”. Learn about equipment, rope handling, ascending and descending on glaciers. – 22 days Full Service: $2950, £1950, €2550. Seven day option: $1450. April-May, October-November.INCLUDES EXPERT SHERPAS, FREE HOTELS, FREE INTERNAL FLIGHTS. Friendly Ang Sange Sherpa led 14 Glacier Schools, is an excellent instructor.  Feel well? Transition directly to Everest Nepal Training Climb or Cho Oyu. Fixed dates or Flexible Option: arrive anytime in April, May, October or November. ISLAND TREK PEAK: Nepal’s famous easy trekking peak. Climb to 6,000m / 19,500ft in just 1 day. 22 days or 5 days (climb only) in April-May or October-November: Includes Everest Base Camp. Friendly leader Lakpa Sherpa: 25 Island Peak Climbs. Excellent teacher. Introduction to high altitude. Full Service: $2950, £1950, €2550. Five day option: $1350. INCLUDES EXPERT SHERPAS, FREE HOTELS, FREE INTERNAL FLIGHTS. Fixed dates or Flexible Option: arrive anytime in April, May, October or November.  We summited safely in 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, and 2014.

Mera Peak Climb
Dan on Mera “trekking peak” with skis. Its an easy walk up here. See Everest behind. Photo Mike Browder
Everest Basecamp Walk
Two of our members enjoy Kala Patar views of Everest basecamp. Photo by Patty Burritt.
MERA TREK PEAK: Best Everest views: Easy remote Nepal 6500m / 21,000ft trekking peak. 22 days October-November.  Learn about walking and easy snow climbing. Summit a fun high peak. Stunning views of Everest. Perfect introduction to altitude. Friendly 6 time Mera Peak and 9 time Everest leader Dan Mazur is a patient teacher.   Full Service: $3150, £2050, €2750. EXPERT SHERPAS, FREE HOTELS, FREE INTERNAL FLIGHTS. Flexible Option: arrive anytime in October-November. We reached the summit safely in 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014. OPTIONAL : you may wish to bring skiis or snowboard (please watch the video on news page).EVEREST BASECAMP: With Dan Mazur. Everest 9 times. Edmund Hilary’s world famous basecamp  18 days April, May, October, November. Wide snow-free trails. Green terraced villages beneath towering icy Himalayan giants. Walk up Kala Pattar. Stunning Everest views. Leader Dan Mazur: friendly and knowledgable. REDUCED PRICE! – Cost: $1850, £1250, €1550. INCLUDES HELPFUL SHERPAS, FREE HOTELS, FREE INTERNAL FLIGHTS. Recent Everest walk: fun, succesful, interesting. Fixed dates or Flexible Option: arrive anytime in April-May, Oct-Nov.

Everest Advanced Basecamp Walk
Some of our sturdy yaks near basecamp.
Back ground view Everest . Photo Ryan Waters.
Remote Nepal Service Trek
Patale health post worker Jamyang and Dr. Lisa McClellan examine a newborn baby. Photo Murari Sharma
EVEREST TIBET ADVANCED BASECAMP WALK: High trek: Best views of Everest . Better than Nepal.  20 days April-May – Full Service: $3,850, £2,350, €3350. INCLUDES EXPERT SHERPAS AND FREE HOTELS. 4 time leader David Obrien. See exotic Tibet. Feel the high altitude. Made famous in 1924 by Mallory and Irvine. Flexible Option: arrive anytime at your convenience during April or May.

Low altitude trek. Deliver needed medical supplies and care, teach in schools, live with friendly Sherpa families. Gorgeous remote Nepal. Leader Jangbu Sherpa is a community leader and a real gentleman. 12 Days from 14 -26 June or 17-29 November.  Full Service Trek: Donation: $1450, £950, €1250 (100% of contribution for trek and international flight are tax deductible). Discounts for medical professionals, educators. Choose fixed dates or arrive any month of the year.   Includes all internal transport and free hotels.

Everest Basecamp Service Trek
Ani Dolma, Mia and Squash enjoying making new friends at the Deboche Nunnery (Dan Mazur).
Annapurna Summit Trek
Annapurna Base Camp-Sanctuary Trek. Towards Annapurna South. Webphoto
EVEREST SERVICE TREK: Restore Nepal’s oldest convent, now in ruins.  Near Everest. Trek to Deboche Nunnery. Snow-free paths through green terraced villages, rushing rivers, suspension bridges, lush forests, civilized ‘teahouses’ beneath towering peaks. We encourage anybody to join this trek, including medical practitioners, educators, farmers, gardeners, technicians, builders, foresters, renewable energy pros. You don’t have to be an expert to make a difference. Leadership: Marcia Macdonald, Mingma Sherpa & Yangjie Sherpa, friendly, educated trekking experts. Dates: 26 March to 13 April or 10-31 October, 8 to 29 April. 22 Days. Flexible Option: arrive anytime in April, May, October or November. Donation: $2850, £1850, €2450. INCLUDES FREE HOTELS, FREE INTERNAL FLIGHTS.NEW ANNAPURNA TREKS: Shortinexpensive treks to this famous and exciting part of Nepal.  Poon Hill Trek – 5 days = $500. Annapurna Base Camp Trek – 7 days = $700, Annapurna Circuit Trek – 10 days = $1000, Chulu East Trek Peak – 17 days = $1700. Visit world famous exotic lakeside town of Pokhara.

Seattle Glacier School
Bill and Scott go through the hip-belay technique on a slope outside camp as Tracy looks on. Photo Rick Eng
Sherpa Climbing School
Aspiring Sherpa learning ice technique. It takes years to become a good Sherpa. Photo: Patch.
FREE SUMMER OR WINTER GLACIER SCHOOLS: Join Dan Mazur. Learn mountain equipment, snow – ice climbing, camping, glacier travel. 4400m /  14,400ft glacier summit.  9 time Everest leader Dan Mazur encourages novices and veterans to enjoy our favorite sport: mountaineering. All equipment you need can be hired or purchased on site. Other than that, your only expenses are groceries, gas, and the 42 dollar climbing permit. Summer School: 20-27 June and 1-7 January.NEW SHERPA CLIMBING SCHOOL: Thanks for donating climbing boots, ice axes, crampons, helmets, harnesses, clothing, shoes, rucksacks and other climbing gear. We could not have helped these hardworking Sherpa students without you, and please keep up the great work. If anyone knows of a person, group, company, club, shop, who wishes to donate, we can arrange free shipping to Nepal, and our leaders can pick up the donated items during their slideshow tours.e

Cleaning Up Mount Everest
Rubbish collected from basecamp and Gorak Shep being burned and processed for transport to lower altitude.
Aconcagua Summit Climb
Members walking up above camp 2. We offer 3 Aconcagua climbs each winter. Photo by Ted Alexander
CLEANING UP MOUNT EVEREST:  While visiting our world’s highest mountain, climbers, trekkers, and walkers take away great memories, lots of photos and new friends, but leave behind their untreated waste. This needs to stop. At the Mount Everest Biogas Project our mission is to convert human waste from base camp into environmentally safe products for the people of Nepal, by designing a biogas system that can operate at high altitudes. The project is ready to go into the testing phase.THREE ACONCAGUA CLIMBS: Highest Peak in all the Americas and a famous 7- Summit. December, January, and February. Normal Route or Polish Direct Route. 20 or 23 days in Argentina climbing a very easy and very high mountain. 6980 metres / 23,000 feet high and excellent preparation for Everest. Friendly leader Max Kausch teaches mountain skills and has led 20 SummitClimb expeditions. Cost: $3750, £2260, €3250. Our team climbing to the summit now !!

Mustagata Climb
Skiing down from camp 2. The snow is best in June.  (Photo by Jon Otto).
Elbrus Summit Climb
Team heading for the high camp of Elbrus on a perfect sunny day. Photo by Scott Patch
MOUNT MUSTAGATA: World’s highest mountain which can be skiied, boarded, or snowshoed. 24,000 feet / 7500 meters. June, July and August. 25 days. SELECTED BY NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC “BEST ADVENTURE DESTINATION”. Friendly leader Julian Bierman: certified mountain guide. Climbing Mustagata qualifies you for Everest. Full Service: $5750, £3550, €4,950; Basic: $3150, £1950, €2,750.MOUNT ELBRUS:  Highest and easiest snow peak in Europe and one of the “7-Summits”. Very easy beginner snow walk. See how you feel at high altitude in a short time at an affordable price.  Stay in huts, ride ski lifts and snow cats and enjoy a short summit day. Friendly leader Julian Bierman is a qualified mountain guide. Equipment and clothing available for hire/rent. Normal Route: 24 July to 1 August , 14 August to 22 August , 5 September to 13 September. Normal Route: $2795 £1790 €2400. Ski Tour Date: 12-22 April , 1-11 May. Ski Tour Cost: $3090 £1975 €2650.

Mountains of the Moon Trek
Optional mountaineering day above the jungle.
Felix Berg Photo
Kilimanjaro Trek
Kilimanjaro on gorgeous sunrise morning. Porters are up early to cook delicious breakfast (Bill Weber).
Ruwenzori Mountains of the Moon: Africa’s 3rd, 4th, and 5th peaks. Gorgeous national park, rarely visited.  12 day trek/climb at any time of year. $4355, £2760, €3750. Stunning trekking and optional mountaineering. Mount Stanley is the largest with several subsidiary summits. Margherita Peak is the highest point. Known for lush vegetation: tropical rainforest, alpine meadows with snow. Wild animal population including forest elephants, primate species, many birds. World Heritage Site covered jointly by Rwenzori Mountains National Park in Uganda and the Parc National des Virunga in Congo.

KILIMANJARO / MT KENYA / SAFARI: Join us for our next Africa Expedition to Kilimanjaro, Mount Kenya and Wild Game Viewing Safari. Trip is available 12 months per year. Kilimanjaro (7 days, 6 nights): US$ 2250.
Mt.Kenya trek or climb, US$ 1950.- (local guide for technical climb additional US$ 450).
Amboseli Safari (3 days, 2 nights): US$ 1150. Lodge Safari / quite nice resort with view of Kilimanjaro. Package Mount Kenya & Safari & Kilimanjaro –  Special price US$ 5150.

For details, please contact us.

P.S. Congratulations, you made it to the bottom! You must have the perseverance needed to be a mountain climber, trekker, or Sherpa charity service worker:)


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